Friday, 9 January 2015

Practical Crit 2

I had a small crit today with Emily, Charlie and Grace about our practicals. This was a lot more helpful than I thought it would be at this stage as I only really had a logo and some ideas and mock-ups. 

I showed my current Mint logo and the illustration I had created to show my idea for the shower gel box. The feedback was pretty positive and really helpful. They all really liked the logo and the shape but Grace suggested maybe having just one dot to the side of the text as this could be a reference to the stem of a leaf. I thought this was a great idea as at the moment the dots are more of an aesthetic feature and I would rather they serve more of a purpose. We talked about this being at the start of the word as the T already has a diagonal which gives more of a point, but then we also said it could work as a full stop in addition to a stem reference. 

I showed the illustration and mock up I had created for the shower gel box and everyone really liked the idea of the cut out leaf. Emily suggested making sure the logo mark is the same size as the cut out as this would create more consistency and reinforce the shape that the logo makes. Although I like this idea I feel it could potentially be too small. 

In terms of the stripes I had applied the girls said they thought they worked really well as they gave a more masculine edge (without being overly or obviously masculine) next to the logo that has the softer reference to nature with the curved nature of the letters. This was great to hear as the whole aim of this brief is to make a neutral brand so making it appeal to both men and women was my biggest aim. 

At this stage I hoped to have more to show but this was really helpful in terms of progressing as getting feedback on the logo was my main concern. 

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