Friday, 12 December 2014

Practical Crit

We decided as a group to go around and state our essay title whilst also summing up the essay and some of the key points, and then give our ideas for our practical.

After explaining to the group that I am focussing on female stereotypes and branding and the extent to which these are included in branding, I mentioned that I had three ideas at the moment but that I was favouring the idea of producing a gender neutral brand of shower gel or a razor.

I did however explain my other ideas - 

- Take an existing brand that I think is overly stereotypical and make it better.

- Create my own gender neutral brand from scratch - including razors however I explained that there could be limitations with this as I am unsure whether or not I would be able to find a neutral looking razor and access the facilities to produce a vacuum formed package. I explained that I had a back up plan of producing shower gel instead. 

- Build my own brand from scratch for women, but avoiding stereotypes. 

The feedback was great and the group gave me a lot of different points to look at. Most people liked the idea of a gender neutral brand. Most members of the group however said to try and build a brand but apply it to a wide range of toiletry products including shower gel, soap and razors if I can. From this I feel that I need to look into what I would need to produce razor packaging. 

I asked if they thought I should produce advertising and promotions in addition to the brand and packaging and the group suggested focussing initially on the brand and packaging as these are the key elements but to try and push it as far as I could go. Someone suggested creating a point of sale display which I think would be really useful as in my focus group I found that most women don't consider looking in the sections other than the 'women's' section, and this is the section that uses female stereotypes so heavily. 

Grace suggested I look at Jo Malone as they do unisex fragrances, some other members of the group suggested looking at brands such as perfume brands including Calvin Klein as they do unisex fragrances.

I feel much more confident that over Christmas I know what I have to do. I am definitely going to run with the idea of producing a gender neutral brand from scratch. 

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