Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Re-Printing, Binding & Constructing

Brand Guidelines 

On completion of my brand guidelines I printed them with James as a booklet and cut these out. 

I took the spreads to the binding room and asked Lyndon for a refresher on saddle stitching as although I had done it before I had forgotten the way to stitch! 

After folding each spread and clipping together with clips I punched three holes equally spaced in the middle of the book. 

I then started to stitch through the middle. As soon as I got started I remembered how to do this! 

I then trimmed the book slightly and the guidelines were complete! 


I was much happier with the new, larger front label for moisturiser. This filled the space a lot better and looked much neater without the outline. 

I had printed a long rectangle of the stripe pattern onto clear adhesive to stick around the tub to add more visual interest and engage audiences. 

However, I had a lot of trouble sticking this onto the tub as it must have a slight incline ...

This would not stay in the same position all the way around so I was unfortunately unable to use this. 

I still felt like the design was potentially a bit too plain so I used the leftover leaf icon stickers from the shower gel bottle lid and stuck these on either side of the tub. 

I felt this looked too feminine so decided agains this addition. 

Although it is disappointing that the stripes didn't work, I still feel the design is strong and the simplicity links to the simple nature of the moisturiser.

Soap Box & Lining

I made the soap box up like previously and I was much happier with the solid green tabs. 

I would have liked to have used a thicker card as there is a slight gap at at the sides when the soap box is closed, due to the card being slightly thin. However, this is the best quality stock I could source and the colour and texture of the stock is perfect. 

I printed the stripe pattern onto trace to line the soap box. 
After measuring how this will fit into the box I scored this line and added glue dots to stick it neatly into the box. 

But before I stuck the lining in I used a ruler to curl the rest of the lining so that it would curl over the soap and protect it without needed to be stuck down. 

I am really pleased with this! This is is my favourite of the products I have designed and produced as I think the lining inside and the logo on the soap all add to the high quality finish and assist engagement with consumers, which is what this is about. 

Shower Gel Box

I reprinted the shower gel box after fixing the typo and swapping the leaf icon on top of the design for the logo instead. I am really pleased with how this turned out and the standard I cut the leaf shapes by hand! 

I am so pleased with how the box looks with the bottle inside. 

I now have all my products completed to a standard I am happy with! 

Packaging is not a strong point of mine as I often struggle crafting things and building nets like I have done here. However, it was completely necessary for this brief and I am glad I did this and proud of the standard I managed to achieve. 

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