Sunday, 4 January 2015

Shower Gel Box Mock Up

I decided to make a mock-up of the shower gel box I was planning to produce. 

I measured the bottle and then drew the net accordingly. 

Above is the net I produced for the top/lid of the box, I gave this a simple lid as this will be taped together there will not be an opening. 

Above is the net for the bottom of the box, I used much larger tabs for the closing to try and add strength. However, I was unsure if this was necessary. It would be helpful to test the strength with the stock I plan to use rather than cartridge paper. 

Below are some images of the box with the bottle inside it

I would like to consider the amount of the bottle that is visible when the lid is taken off when I come to design the bottle label. 

Although the box works well with the bottle inside, the lid rests on the top of the lid and this isn't as stable as I would like. 

I could make the inner box as tall as the bottle so that the lid would sit on the top of the box rather than the top of the bottle. 

However I am really glad the measurements are correct in terms of the difference between the top and bottom box, as lid fits well on top of the base. 

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