Saturday, 10 January 2015

Shower Gel Labels & Moisturiser

I drew up some ideas for the design of the shower gel labels.

I wanted this to be quite simple as the bottle is not that big and I want the important elements such as the name to be clear.

I decided to call this a body wash rather than shower gel as it sounded much higher end whilst still neutral.

Considering the design of the soap box that I was happy with I applied the elements of the brand identity to the labels for the bottle.
These will be printed on clear adhesive.

Although this was the first design I digitalised I was really happy with it. I didn't feel that it needed anything else, anything else and it would be too much on such a small scale. I was pleased with the balance of grey and green and the mount of space. I plan to print the leaf as a separate sticker and place this under the striped panel as seen above.

I printed this off (error with printer made it blue) and when cutting out decided it would look much better without the bottom green line on the striped panel as this was creating too much separation between the panel and the leaf.

I made some adjustments to the type moving it down slightly, and the striped panel and I am pleased with this label design.

I have also set up a sticker to put on the top of the shower gel lid, to continue the branding and give a high quality, considered finish. I simply added a leaf icon to this.

I needed to make a label for the reverse of the bottle that lists ingredients and description.
I worked from the back of the soap box design with the grey line at the top and I liked the central leaf icon adding a more visual element and some colour to the reverse. 

The line between the ingredients and description assists reading as it separates the elements. 
I don't feel this design needs to be any more complex than this. 

I then moved on to the moisturiser design. Again I drew out ideas on how I wanted this to look.

As I had considered previously I wanted to include a belly band on this to add a more interesting finish.

I measured around the tub and drew this in illustrator.

I started work on the label for the front of the moisturiser first as this was very different to the shower gel and soap as this is working within a circle. 

I wanted to include the stripes to continue the brand but this was more challenging in the round format. 
The circle outline would cut the stripes to fit in the circle, I would not have these bands coming out from the label. 

I liked the positioning of the logo and leaf icon at the bottom of the label but was struggling with the elements in between. 

I printed this off to check I was happy with the size and see if it helped work out what I could do with the text. 

I added an outline and centralised the text. 
The text looked much better like this, although I hadn't centralised text on the other elements with this label being round it looked odd to have left aligned text. 

I thought about removing the stripes and having simply the information with an outline. I didn't like the right aligned text within a circle. 

I continued to experiment with the striped panel. I liked it at the top but did feel it might be too much green in one area. 

I felt that the stripes just didn't work on this central logo so went back to the beginning and had a centralised layout with a grey outline. 

Although very simple I liked this design and feel the simplicity links to the product itself as it is a very simple, calming cream. 

I moved on to the label for the back of the tub. I wanted to again keep this consistent with the backs of the soap box and shower gel bottle. 

This worked well and I was pleased with the simplicity, I did however just think the details such as the weight and expiry would work better in line with the other text. 

Although on the front left aligned text didn't work, this looks much better being aligned as there is a larger quantity of text. 

I was happy with the labels I had produced and will print these on clear adhesive next week. 

Moisturiser Design: 

Body Wash Designs: 

I was careful when writing the descriptions as I didn't want it too sound overly feminine with the calming notions, but as this includes cucumber it will have a calming effect on the skin. It was important I didn't loose the descriptive element that sells the products whilst remaining gender neutral. 

On completion of the label for the moisturiser I feel a belly band would be unnecessary. It wouldn't be needed to hold anything together as the moisturiser has a lid, and the information on the front would simply replicate the lid, so I have decided to not produce a belly band and maintain the simplicity. 

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